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Glenn Lehrer is internationally recognized as a living legend in the art of gemstone carving and cutting. He has pioneered some of the world's largest gemstone sculptures, patented the revolutionary TorusRing™ cut, and has been a mover and shaker in the world of jewelry for nearly forty years.

Ethically Sourced & Socially Responsible

At Lehrer Designs we are committed to sourcing gemstones in an ethical and environmentally conscious way. We work with Artisanal miners around the globe to ensure that our suppliers do not support illicit business practices, are environmentally sound and that the miner makes a fair income on the global market.

Our factory in Jaipur, India is yearly audited to be 100% socially and environmentally safe. This means all of the craftsmen in our factory make a fair wage with medical coverage, no child labor, work under safe conditions, and all chemicals are properly disposed of.   

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You aren't limited by our product lines because a Glenn Lehrer custom designed piece is as unique as you are.

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If you are interested in selling Lehrer Designs Jewelry, or using our stones in your own work, with expertise in custom gem cutting and re-cutting. Please contact us directly for more information.

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Our Story

The art of gem carving captured Glenn's imagination because the finished product always exponentially exceeded the initial dream he envisioned. Finishing a new gemstone always brings Glenn a tremendous amount of joy, which he hopes to share with you. See the inside of a gem carver's studio in a way few people ever have.

Lehrer Designs Studio

1137 Magnolia Ave
Larkspur, CA, 94939

Wed - Sat, 11:00am - 4:00pm

Tuesday by appointment only

Sun - Mon Closed

Phone: (415) 461-2212


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