Faceted Gems

Glenn Lehrer does more than facet a gemstone. He works with precision and artistry to transform it. An ordinary gemstone becomes absolutely brilliant and alive in his expert hands. To a achieve this, a stone must be cut to very specific angles of refraction. Holding a gemstone face up, you should be able to see brilliance and total reflection. No light should escape from the sides or from underneath the stone. This “light escape”, referred to in the gem business as “windowed”, is often seen in gemstones faceted with less precision in overseas factories.

Glenn’s wide range of lapidary skills culminates in the best of both worlds for his clients. He can combine the precision and accuracy of faceting, with carving and negative engraving on the pavilion to create a truly unique gemstone.

At Lehrer's we also offer recutting and repair of faceted gemstones. Connoisseurs ask for Glenn’s rare talent and precision in faceting to achieve the greatest effect with the very least amount of weight loss.

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Please ask for a free quote if you have a stone needing replacement or repair.