Glenn Lehrer, G.G.

Glenn Lehrer is internationally recognized as one of the finest living gemstone artists of our time. His precisely-faceted stones and fluid carvings are known the world over for their original concepts, flowing lines and stunning brilliance. His genius in GemArt and jewelry is unparalleled - creating masterpieces that ignite Passion and stir a grand sense of Beauty. Mr. Lehrer's fine creations are museum-quality works of art. They are treasured as heirlooms for the ages.

Glenn Lehrer For over 35 years, Lehrer's gem designs have been the center stage for many of the top jewelry designers and craftsmen. Originally self-taught, Mr. Lehrer went on to become a living master in the techniques of carving, faceting and large gemstone objects. He is a US patent holder for the TorusRing Gemcut that he invented in 1995. He has cut or carved almost every type of colored gem material, such as agate, rare red beryl and Paraiba tourmaline, as well as fine sapphires and rubies. His world travels and many years in the gem industry give him entrée to some of the finest gem material available. If you can dream it, he can find it and create it with you.

Glenn Lehrer has pioneered some of the world's largest gemstone sculptures, such as Bahia, a beautifully-sculpted, 450 pound quartz crystal that hangs like a five foot tall jewel pendant. Bahia is on permanent display at the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California. Glenn Leher is also a well-known lecturer in the gem and jewelry industry, a teacher of lapidary carving and a TV host on HSN. He received his gemological degree in 1979 from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in residence.

From his fluid, dancing carvings to his precision-faceted gemstones, Glenn Lehrer's gem designs are frozen in light, to be cherished and treasured for generations. Explore his web site and discover 35 years of gem and jewelry design. See for yourself the creative diversity and beauty Mr. Lehrer's work is renowned for, and sought after by connoisseurs worldwide.

Stephan Lee Gunning

Stephan Lee Gunning is a master goldsmith, stone setter, laser welding specialist, antique restorer, and jewelry designer. He has been integral to the success of Lehrer Designs, Inc. since 2004. Stephan is the master of all methods in the realm of jewelry fabrication.

Stephan became an apprentice goldsmith in 1975, at the age of sixteen, under Master Goldsmith Donald Kleyensteuber in Palo Alto, California. For the next five years he learned traditional European skills and techniques in all aspects of jewelry manufacturing and fabrication. This apprenticeship was a rare opportunity to study old-world skills with a master here in the United States. With rare exceptions, such training would only be available in Europe.

Stephan Gunning

After completing his apprenticeship he began to work for some of the finest jewelry stores in the San Francisco and Lake Tahoe area as their resident master goldsmith. While he was the master goldsmith at Timothy Fidge & Co. in Palo Alto, CA, they won the De Beers International Diamond Design Competition three times.

After leaving Fidge & Co., Mr. Gunning begun his own company, Studio Creaius. He specialized in custom jewelry by appointment. He quickly became recognized as the go-to-guy in the local trade for problem solving and his willingness to tackle difficult projects. He also worked as the Master Goldsmith on contract to the Stanford University Art Department during this time.

In 1996 he spearheaded an expedition to Guatemala to locate the ancient lost jadeite deposit of the Olmec culture. Dr. Karl Taube, professor of archeology, helped them to locate the jade by a combination of archival research and actual, on the ground field work. Working with lawyers, geologists, and the indigenous people he founded the Ventana Mining Company, now a private corporation developing the site for the excavation of the jade.