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Lehrer Designs, Inc.,
1137 Magnolia Avenue,   Larkspur,
CA 94939       415.461.2212

At Lehrer Designs, Inc., we give personal attention to your dreams, and with our superb craftsmanship we help you shape your dreams into stunning creations. For over three decades our gemstone visionary art and jewelry designs have been treasured by our clients, and our joy to create and share.

Lehrer Designs is an artistic gem cutting and master goldsmith studio under a single roof. We offer a wide range of jewelry and lapidary services, such as custom jewelry design, laser welding for antique jewelry, specialized gemstone carving, faceting and lapidary repair services. Master goldsmith Stephan Gunning brings to Lehrer Designs over 35 years of experience in all types of Jewelry fabrication and repair. We're known for our close attention to the detail of custom design and jewelry repairs - meeting the needs of the individual, collectors, gem traders, jewelers and manufacturers.

As a firm member of the American Gem Trade Assoc., and the International Colored Gemstone Association, Lehrer Designs is committed to full gemstone enhancement disclosure and global fair trade guidelines. As a professional gem cutter and an active member of these organizations, Lehrer Designs has access to the finest colored gemstones from around the world at excellent prices.

Founded in 1981 by Glenn and Sharon Lehrer, the gallery and work studio is located just 20 minutes north of San Francisco, in the historic town of Larkspur in Marin County, California.

Glenn Lehrer, G.G.

Glenn Lehrer is internationally recognized as one of the finest living gemstone artists of our time. His precisely-faceted stones and fluid carvings are known the world over for their original concepts, flowing lines and stunning brilliance.
Glenn Lehrer

His genius in GemArt and jewelry is unparalleled - creating masterpieces that ignite Passion and stir a grand sense of Beauty. Mr. Lehrer's fine creations are museum-quality works of art. They are treasured as heirlooms for the ages.

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